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Free Articles

We are here to help you every step of the way. Below are free articles and tips to help guide you in your journey of finding a legitimate work at home job.

Advantages of Being a Work at Home Mom
Jennifer J. Harrison
There are numerous advantages of work at home jobs for everyone, but the group of people who would be most interested in this would be work at home moms. This is because online jobs have revolutionized the way work at home moms are able to spend their time and contribute to the family economy. . . . keep reading
Set Realistic Goals for Finding Work at Home Jobs:
Jennifer J. Harrison
Far too often men and women who want a work at home job are unfamiliar with the process of getting a real work at home job or they set unrealistic expectations during their job search. There are hundreds of legitimate work at home jobs out there. However, you need to take looking for a work at home job seriously. . . . keep reading
5 Tips for Working from Home
Michelle L. Devon
Five Tips About Self Employment and Working From Home: This article gives you tips about what its like to work from home and be self employed. . . . keep reading
Recognize and Avoid Work From Home Scams
Author: Jennifer J. Harrison
Hundreds of Work from Home Scams Online: There are hundreds of work from home scams all over the internet, and chances are you have been baited by one of them already. Some of the most popular work at home scams right now are the Google Ads Scam, Processing Rebates Scam, and the Survey Scams. Learn to avoid scams like the one below. . . . keep reading
Understanding Legitimate Online Jobs
They Do Exist Due to the vast number of internet scams, the real and legitimate online jobs get hidden from the average job seeker. However, it is true that a really big and huge market exists online where people make money and get jobs that they can only dream of in their offline world. This is why if you want to make . . . keep reading
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"I was just hired for a customer service job working from home and I'm so EXCITED!  Thank you RPJ."
Kim B..
Cincinnati, OH

"Your site is AMAZING!  I just applied for several medical transcription jobs that are hiring home agents!  I can't believe how many jobs are in here.  Thank you so much!"
Sally T.
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"I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me get a work at home job!!  I have been laid off for 3 months and really wanted to stay at home with my kids.  I just got hired as a customer service rep. and I can work from home and set my own schedule!!!" 
Camille H.
San Antonio, TX

"I can't believe it!!  I finally found a LEGITIMATE work at home job.  I must admit I was skeptical at first because I have been scammed so much trying to find a real work at home job.  I paid for your monthly membership and within 2 weeks I was hired and training with one of the companies you have listed!!  And it didn't cost me a dime - it was a real company and they are training me for FREE!  How bout that!  Thank you Real Pajama Jobs for being a diamond in the ruff."
Tamika S.
Manhattan, NY